Has anyone here ever seen surrogates? With Bruce Willis. Yes? No? Well, when I read Under the Never Sky that is what immediately came to my mind. Both stories describe a world where people escape in electronics and forget how to think, live, and enjoy life. Kind of freaks you out when you look at technology and wonder about the unknown future. 

I read the first book in this series and I liked it so much that I just had to know what happened so I read the next two and neglected my life for a couple of days... here's to reading fast?                             
            The book is about a girl names Aria who is tossed out of the dome of protection where she has always lived. Now she is in the real world without any technology and expecting herself to die at any second. But wait, then she meets Perry a fierce looking savage and, as luck would have it the two both need each other for something and so, somewhat reluctantly, they team up to take on the land, the world and the universe one day at a time. Will they conquer it all?... okay not really.  They do team up though!

There were a lot of unique concepts and ideas in this novel. Rossi let her imagination run wild. She also kept me interested enough to read the entire trilogy which get her bonus points because this was kind of a post apocalyptic book and those often give me nightmares about my certain and impending doom. The slower progressing love story was also a win for me - I’ve got a big insta-romance pet peeve.

Bruce Willis fan? Watch Surrogates in preparation, alongside, or after reading Under the Never Sky  

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