Have you ever watched Bones? If not, (because I’m nothing if not informative), let me tell you about it. Bones is a super-awesome TV show with a socially awkward anthropologist and a savvy FBI agent. If you haven’t I would definitely recommend… that is if the sight of old corpses (Hollywood style of course) doesn’t bother you.

Here, let me help you, watch Bones. 

Took me awhile to pick one because I was laughing so hard at everyone i read. 

Took me awhile to pick one because I was laughing so hard at everyone i read. 

Anyway, Bones, the TV series is based on books by Kathy Reichs. Miss Reichs decided to outdo herself one day and wrote a YA series.

After the death of her mother, Tory is sent to live with her father whom she barely knows. She and her friends find themselves getting in to bunch of unwanted trouble with even more unwanted side effects on their bodies. They find themselves becoming a pack with enhanced abilities and an even bigger attraction for trouble.

I always respect an author that can write more than once genre. After reading the Virals series, I kind of wish she would write more YA fiction.  But I digress, I enjoyed the collection of characters presented in this book, you have the headstrong, sometimes bossy female, the lovable, but genius comedic relief, the comedic relief’s side kick and of course, the moody, too cool for school, heart throb. Mix that all together; add in some adventure and superhuman powers and BAM. You have a pretty awesome book. I hope you enjoy!

Read Virals. 

The beautiful Kathy Reichs