The Chat - Initial consultation: When we chat with you for the first time we take time to answer your questions and concerns. We want to learn your business' goals to see how we can best serve you. We know we may not be a good fit for everyone, that’s why all of our initial consultations are free.


The Basics - Monthly Bookkeeping: We have a sliding scale of prices based on your companies transactions. There is no guessing. Every month you will be charged the exact same amount. This includes Monthly account reconciliation, weekly to monthly monitoring and reports on request, and correct categorization of income and expenses. Base fee: $75/Month to monitor inactive accounts.

$75/mo (up to 50 transactions) *

The Set - Quickbooks Setup: New to QuickBooks? No problem. We’ll gladly set each account up for you and get you on your way to greatness.

$150 for up to 3 accounts and $10 per additional account *

The Dirty - Quickbooks Housekeeping: When your books are current, but some of your accounts aren't making sense we will go though and perform the necessary housekeeping to get your books back in order.

Priced based on your monthly fee for The Basics. *

The Rewind - Get Your Books Caught Up: Keeping up with your books is a challenge. We understand that. Whether you don't have enough time or knowhow, we will go through your books and get them current for as many months as you need. Same fee as monthly transactions for the number of months to be caught up.

Priced based on your monthly fee for The Basics. *

The Fix - Quickbooks Training: Want to do your own books? We can teach you how! We start with an initial consultation based on the complexity of what you would like to learn and how many sessions. We will always be available to you for questions and advice.

$60/hour + $0.5/mile (If Onsite) + Food + Lodging (If Overnight)

*There is not a cookie cutter package that we can offer that will meet the needs of every business.  Whether your business needs a bookkeeping overhaul or it needs a few small tasks performed, trust your business' finances to a professional. Get a quote today.