Ella Enchanted is my favorite book. The one on my shelf, bless its heart, is falling apart. It’s kind of like the comfort food of books for me. I love the simplistic love story. I have read the book at least 20 times. I acknowledge that it’s odd to have read this book so many times. I just feel that when I’m reading a new book I’m taking a risk. I’m investing a few hours of my life into a story that I might not like. I reread books for the times when I want a guaranteed return on my investment.

            For those of you who are confusing or replacing the book with the movie, I feel for you. Despite my issues with Anne Hathaway (which is another problem in itself), I am able to sit through and enjoy the cheesy movie as long as I don’t connect it to the book. I mean, they kept the names of people, different places, and a few random plot points the same. But other than that it’s offensive to the world to call them the same thing.

            As I was saying, I love the simplistic love story. It is a short easy read and leaves you with the feels. It's not just good, it's GRRReat!  

            You can purchase Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine if you are dying to know more!