I had a bit of a food fiasco the other day.

The subject: Beef Jerky

The instigator: My husband

Let me tell you a little bit about my husband.

He gets excited about random little things and rolls with it for a while.

Once it was pocketknives.

Then it was tying knots. - I have a good picture of that one!

From there we moved onto jalapeno poppers. Sometimes I still feel the burning in my eyes. . . and the screaming death of half my taste buds. Seriously, he made them like five times before he got it right.

Most recently it was homemade beef jerky (sigh).

I will admit I used get onto him a little bit for it. I’d be all “Sam you weirdo, pick a normal hobby! Come running with me!” and he would respond “No! I’m a grown man, I do what I want!”

As of recently I have been embracing these phases with him as I have found it makes both of us happier people. What I should do is just start popping popcorn and watch; I know I’ll get my opportunity to be entertained by his next little hobby if I just wait for it.

I feel I should get wife points this time I even helped with the jerky making process. Which I will tell you is an involved process. Involved I say!

So after this grueling process of jerky making it was done! Ta da!

Sam gave me a piece of jerky.

While I was chewing…

Which let me tell you was not the easiest process.

This was our conversation:


            Sam: I though we should each only try a little piece and then wait to see if we get sick.

            Me: (Mid chew) Whamt?

            Sam: We should wait to continue eating it until we know its not going to make us sick.

            Why? Are there worms in the meat? Is it uncooked? Am I going to start vomiting and die?

            Me: (Chewing more slowly) Why?

            Sam: I’ve just never made this before.

            Me: Are there worms in it?

            Sam: No.

            Me: Is it not cooked all the way through?

            Sam: Jerky isn’t cooked its dried.

            Now the meat in my mouth is beginning to feel like a wet lump of crap.

            Me: How is it not cooked!?!?

            Sam: Jerky is never cooked.

            Me: Lies!

            Sam: I’m telling you its just dried meat.

            Unable to stomach the uncooked dried meat that could possibly make me sick, I get up and spit it in the trash.

            Me: Sorry sweets. I just couldn’t handle it. Please don’t make me your guinea pig next time you don’t know if something is going to make you sick.

            Sam: Other than that… how was it?


*If you’re wondering about my husband’s hobby choices the answer is yes. Yes Sam is a nerd, but like a cool one. I dunno how he manages to do that but he totally pulls it off. He’ll be all into his science and then turn around and jam out on his guitar.