When follows 16 year old Maddie Fynn who has the unique gift, or curse, depending on your current level of optimism, to read a persons the death date. Due to a series of events Maddie begins charging people to read their death date for them. When a client comes in asking about her young daughter (who is sick) she notices the other children in the photograph as well. Particularly one whose death date is next week, when the child disappears Maddie becomes a prime suspect in the investigation. The situation escalates when his body is found and everyone is thinking one thing.


I think this book had a very unique idea that was well executed. What impressed me the most was how much the emotions sucked me in. I’m tearing up and at the same time thinking.

            “Your writing is so beautiful that it can evoke such emotion out of me.”

            So I’m reading at work or at home, both by myself looking kind of like this:

The wrap up of this book I felt was complete and satisfying. A book about knowing when everyone around you is going to die had the potential to be a rough and depressing ending. But I didn’t think it was either.

Read When, I hope you enjoy!

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