I really do love the classic fantasy topics of werewolf’s, vampires and other mythical creature. That being said, sometimes it’s feels like that topic has been done and its time to move on. Those moments are when I love to lose myself in a book like this. Where the plot is different and refreshing.

            Slated follows a girl named Kyla whose memories have been erased. In this futuristic society kids are given second chances this way. Kayla is told she was a terrorist and she has a chance to start a new life. New family. New name. New location. No memories.

            The originality of this book is wonderful. Sometimes characters act a certain way that is annoying to me. Then later on the plot is revealed and their actions are explained. Slated had excellent reasons for behavior, which is a major win for me when reading a book. There is also the romantic subplot, which will always make a book more enjoyable to me.           

            Up for something a little different without having to sleep with the lights on all night?

Check out more from Terri Terry here, she seems like a pretty cool chick… just sayin: 

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