I have really been jonesing on Regan Ure’s books lately. Before you go and buy them all, like I know you were about to do, there is a commonality I have noticed in all of Miss Ures books:

  • Girl moves to a new place and starts her senior year of high school
  • Girl meets 2 boys, they both seem to like her, but rather than there being a love triangle one of the boys backs off and is content to be her friend
  • Love interest is a jerk at first
  • Girl ends up going through something that causes her to sleep a lot

If repetition bothers you, I wouldn’t buy all of her books at once. I would space them out or just pick one. As for me, I can eat the same thing for dinner three days in a row and still come back for more. Clearly our girl Regan has found her recipe to make a beautiful disaster and is sticking to it.

There are several things that I liked about Haven’s Knight. This book gives you the feels. It will make you happy, sad, and angry and you may shed a tear, especially if some of these issues are close to your heart.

First: Miss Ure deals with the difficult issues of abuse. She includes enough detail that gets you to bond with the character, but not so much detail it’s brutally unreadable.

Second: I enjoy knowing what happens after happily ever after. The main character gets out of the abusive situation about ¼ of the way through the book. I like this because you get to see a lot of character growth and development. It makes me happy to see characters heal. There is still plenty of problems and drama but it comes with the healing process.

Third: There is no drawn out cat and mouse game. The characters realize that they want different things so they don’t try to force their relationship to work. They aren’t determined to change each other. Can I get an amen?


Fourth: The development of relationships in this book were wonderful. Miss Ure took her time building solid relationships. But she also did it in way that doesn’t seem dull and drawn out. It was a natural progression that she managed to keep interesting. I think this is something difficult to do and it was very well executed.

If you are ready for the feels you can read an excerpt or purchase Haven’s Knight by clicking the link.

Here is Regan Ure’s website if you are interested in learning more about her:

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