Let me start by saying that this is not a bad book. It has a little over 4 stars on good reads so clearly many people like it. I however was not one of them. I read this book because it was recommended. The lady who recommended it had not read the book herself, but just heard it was good. It was when I complained to her about how much this book gave me the creeps I found out she hadn’t even read it.

            Here is the premise. If a child is deemed, not good enough by society’s standards and considered to be a waste of space they can be “unwound”. Meaning, the kid is still considered 100% alive… but in other places. Every part of his or her body will be donated to someone who will contribute more to society. The book follows 3 teens whose are being sent to the harvesting facilities to be unwound. A rebel, an orphan and a tithe (kids who were conceived to be unwound) fight against their sentence.

            I’m shuddering all over again. It just gives me the willies and I can’t handle it. To be honest though, I can’t handle horror or torture in books either. So if you have a stronger stomach than me read it and let me know what you think.

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