Caution: this book is a series and despite the strong temptation, I would recommend stopping after the first one. Learn from my mistakes and pretend this book is a stand-alone.

            Violet senses the dead bodies (animals and people), if she senses the dead she must see the bodies at rest before she can go on with her life. It sounds creepy, but it’s not… well maybe a little…

            The love story in this one is really good because it isn’t the whole “oh my gosh I just met you but can’t live without you! I’ll never love again!” Or the best way I’ve ever heard it put, there is no “I’m a demented Cabbage Patch Doll and you deserve a Barbie” crap. Which makes me happy.

            What to know what it’s like to find dead people? Check it out here: Body Finder

            Go to Ms Derting’s website to learn more about her.