I first stumbled across this book because it was on Amazon for free. And Oh. My. Gosh. Be prepared not to go to bed until 3am is all I can say.

There are several plot twists in this story, but it flows in such a manner that the progression feels natural. I personally don’t enjoy books that are all over the place and I felt like Miss Lynch did an excellent job of revealing new material without making the reader feel lost. The main character also figures things out as the reader does… so you’re not screaming at your book trying to knock some sense into the characters.

The story follows a girl names Sara Grey who lives with her uncle and secretly heals animals and other People (magical beings) on the side. Her father was brutally murdered when she was 8 and she is determined to find out more about his untimely death by vampire. However when she has her own run in with vampires, werewolfs and Mohiri warriors, her life gets turned upside down. She’s hoping things settle down and her life can go back to normal. But when vampires and other things that go bump in the night are hunting you normal life is difficult.

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