Let me preface this book review. Miss Moreci has a vlog where she gives writing advice. She is normally my go to.  So I had a lot of high expectations when I read her book.

And this book… Blew. Me. Away. My favorite part of this book was the romantic subplot. I have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to love interests and I was extremely impressed with how this one was presented. I also appreciated the wrap up of the book. It answered everything that had a question mark at some point. But it also was left in a place that it could continue for a sequel.

The book follows a girl named Eve who is a Chimera. Which is like a superhuman. Human’s hate Chimera’s and they are treated like outcasts. Most Chimera’s don’t come into their powers until their late teens or early twenty’s. But Eve came into hers when she was 8 so she has been treated poorly her whole life. She is finally old enough to go to college and is anxious to get away. But when she gets to her new school weird things start happening… like disappearances. And Eve has to decide is she is going to get involved and save lives, or keep her head down and pretend to be a normal human.

Here is the link to check out her awesome book (free with kindle unlimited): 

Needing writing advice? Check her out Jenna Moreci   

*Disclaimer: Chick cusses like a sailor.