Ahh I just love Michael Vey!

First lets talk about R.P. Ev’s (which is the street name I just gave the author). When He was writing this book they (the mysterious people who judge) wanted him to make the language easier for kids to read. What did our man do??? He told them to get a dictionary. Boom. Doneskies. Then there is the message of the book:

1.     What drives Michael, the protagonist, is that he is trying to save his mother. (Tissue anyone?)

2.     The children who were raised by their parents are hard to “turn” (must read to know what I’m talking about (evil laughter))

Finally Michael. He is 14-year-old boy who has electrical powers. He is like an electric eel. But his secret gets out, because there isn’t any books written about people whose secrets remain secret. Then Michael must harness his powers. For himself, his mother, his friends, and maybe even the world.


If you would like to read more about Michael Vey get it on Amazon.

Here is a link if you would like to see more of Richard Paul Evans work.