I was driving home from work the other day and stopped at a red light. A big black GMC passes me in the left hand turn lane. Hanging out of the passenger back seat is this guy with 15-20 hundred-dollar bills in his hands. He’s flipping through them and fanning himself like he has all the money in the world.

My first though was I hope he drops the money and falls out of the window trying to save it. 

I also realized:

1)   This guy feels rich

2)   This guy is not rich, as rich people a) have more money than that and b) flaunt it VERY differently and c) aren’t in the backseat of their buddies car

Then I had a light bulb moment: TLC was right! Scrubs DO exist! Those of you too young to know what a Scrub is, here's the video. (Taking it back to the 90’s)


I don’t expect you to make it through the whole music video... nor would I wish that on you… so I edited it for you.

You're Welcome.