This is a big week!

Let me start by giving some background information. I have always wanted to write a book, but it seemed like an unattainable dream to me. Then, I stumbled across a method for novel writing that breaks down the process.

And I thought to myself:

I can do this! One step at a time!

For the past 2-3 months I have been brainstorming. I’ve had many ideas and started a few attempts to write, but nothing stuck. I feel different this time.

I’m a woman with a plan!

Watch out!

            Now I’m moving to the outlining phase.

(Happy dance!)

I’m going to take all my ideas, lay them out and put them in a logical order. This is going to help me see plot holes and come up with more idea’s as I go. Once my outline is done I can move to the actual writing part!

Anyone else getting chills?

Well kids, I’m off to celebrate, I hope your Monday is marvelous