There is one in every family and two in mine.

Me and my sister. My sister Jen is one of my favorite people.

She is also a writer, but free lance stuff. I read her post a few weeks ago I knew I had to feature it as a Funny Friday. 

Without further ado her she is: (drum roll please)

That Time I Humiliated Myself on the Internet

I think we all know that the trick to appearing like a real adult is to just pretend we know what we’re doing, amiright? We just nod along and then secretly google it later and no one is the wiser.

Maybe that’s just me?

I can usually sail along pretty well, with only the occasional bump in the road, and life is pretty good. Although, there are those times when my entire plan blows up in my face.  Like the other day. Thanks to my sweet husband. #traitor

It all started innocently enough.  A friend had posted on Facebook that his wife didn’t know who Bruce Lee was. Cue the hundreds of comments of shock and disbelief. The outrage! How could she not know this person! He’s ridiculously famous! This was unacceptable!

I suppose, in hindsight, this was one of those moments when I should have just sat back and silently googled. But I knew I had heard that name before (because I am really cool and you know, in the know.)

So, I asked my husband – safe space, right? There are no dumb questions here, right? (spoiler alert: wrong.) Our conversation started pretty simply:

me, “so, who is this Bruce Lee guy anyway? I only know his name from Big Bang Theory.”

Ben (stares at me blankly):” He’s not in Big Bang Theory.”

me: “Uh huh! They talk about him alllll the time!” (Seriously Ben, pay attention.)

Ben: “No. That’s STAN Lee.”

me: “….oh….”

Long awkward pause while Ben stares at me incredulously and I realize there is no way to recover from this conversation. But then, LIGHTBULB! It also can’t get any worse!

me (trying to redeem myself): “Oh! Didn’t he write Star Wars or act in it or something?”

Ben (now looking at me as if he literally cannot comprehend what I am saying: “No! He has nothing to do with Star Wars!”

Huh. Apparently it CAN get worse.

me, baffled: “Really? Well, then who is he?!”

Ben: “Only the greatest martial arts actor of all time!”

me: “No, isn’t that, um…”

Ben: “Don’t say Jackie Chan. No. (sigh) You have got to be kidding me.”

If that was where it had ended, it probably would have been forgotten about fairly quickly. (This is a lie. This conversation was seared into my husband’s memory forever.) However, my darling husband posted our conversation onto our friend’s page — you know, so they could share the pain of their wives not knowing who Bruce Lee was , together. #groupsupport— and, as we all know – the INTERNET DOESN’T FORGET.

So. Moral of the story: google before you ask your husband. Unless you are prepared to watch approximately 15 YouTube videos of Bruce Lee’s ridiculously fast hands and feet.

And, since I’m nothing if not helpful, here is a little guide in case you were just a tad confused like I was.


This is Bruce Lee. Now you will NEVER forget.


This is NOT Bruce Lee. This is Stan Lee. Apparently.

Not “the greatest martial artist of all time”. Jackie Chan. But I think he’s pretty cool.


Also not Bruce Lee. But DID write Star Wars. Way to go, George Lucas.


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